Accountability Partners®

Take the guesswork out of legal fees with our new program, Accountability Partners® (AP).

There’s simply no easier way to get your legal affairs in order.  All our program features are designed to set you up for success.  We provide the legal advice and business acumen you need to reach your goals.  We have the right credentials. Let us help you build yours!

How Does it work?

When you sign up you enjoy a flat, fixed fee for a “bucket” of legal services, saving you 25% or more off our regular rates.  Each “bucket” will cover projects requiring at least two (2) hours of attorney time.  We will agree upon the scope of work that will be covered by each “bucket” before we begin.

Your business’s personalized strategy will drive what gets done when. You can elect to speed up or slow down your monthly sessions.  We ask only that you agree to sign up for a total of six monthly consultations/work product sessions over the course of a year.

Why Choose AP?

  • Access to a team of legal advisors with financial and marketing expertise.

Think of Accountability Partners® as personal guides on your journey to a solid legal foundation.   Our counselors learn about your business without costing you more and help you create a plan that is right for you.

  • Handle your priorities at your own pace.

Some business owners hit the ground running. For others it takes a little more time to sort things out.  Whether you want to cover your progressive plan goals monthly, bi-monthly or at some other pace, you set the pace.  We keep you on track.

  • Reach your goals.

The progressive plan we develop together with you is designed to help you reach your goals.  Our ongoing input and guidance provides instant feedback on your choices.

  • Experience small successes on your way to bigger goals.

You will discover small ways to decrease risk or increase revenue models that can prove very impactful over time.   There are so many ways to succeed when you are responsibly guided and well informed.  All of these small successes will help you stay motivated as you work towards your larger goals.

  •  Learn what really matters.

It’s easier to make informed decisions when you understand the options confronting you.  You may find that you begin looking differently at legal matters when you know how they help you meet your business goals.

  • You’ll stay accountable and motivated.
·With Accountability Partners® you will have a record of ongoing important objectives, a method of tracking and reaching them, and fixed no frills pricing.   We help keep you focused and on task.