Gavin Law is here to help you navigate the legal landscape of the global coronavirus pandemic. From contractual obligations to business interruption to telework—our team is here to help you avoid costly contract disputes and maintain business operations during this tough time.


  1. Am I still obligated under my contracts and/or may I enforce my contracts?

Some contracts address unexpected events in boilerplate language. However, whether this pandemic falls under that boilerplate language, frequently called a force majeure clause, can be a complex analysis. We offer affordable contract review to help you determine next steps.

  1. What is force majeure?

A legal expression (French meaning “superior force”) that excuses performance under a contract for circumstances beyond the parties’ control. Parties to a contract are responsible for defining such circumstances, but broad categories include events like natural disasters, acts of terrorism, civil disorder, labor strikes, or common carrier delays.

  1. What if my contract doesn’t have a force majeure clause?

Unfortunately, this is not area where we can provide a hard and fast rule of thumb to guide our clients. Broadly speaking, the enforceability of a contract involves analysis of the entire contract and interplay of its terms. Our team is following the latest legal developments on this front to help guide your business through this crisis.

  1. Are there non-litigious (and less expensive) options to resolve contractual disputes?

We pride ourselves on development of efficient and creative solutions to avoid costly legal disputes whenever possible.

  1. How do my existing agreements and business relationships address pandemics?

Excellent question! Get proactive and let us do an affordable audit of your existing contracts to see if you need revisions or amendments to protect your revenue stream.


If you are one of the many businesses forced to convert to a telework environment or adapt to a virtual delivery model for your services, Gavin Law is expertly positioned to support you through this transition with advice on these areas and more:

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Human Resource and Employment Issues
  • Trade Secret Policy
  • Data Privacy and Protection
  • Best Practices Assessment