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Let’s face it. Most small business owners don’t have unlimited resources set aside for paying over-priced big-firm lawyers. However, small business owners face complex intellectual property questions every day just like giant corporations do.

Gavin Law Offices is uniquely positioned to help small and midsized businesses because we have big firm experience and small firm overhead. You simply don’t need to have numerous lawyers climbing all over your files, double and triple billing you to meet arbitrary big firm billing quotas.

Additionally, you don’t need lawyers who cannot control the fees and charges you incur because they need “billing committee” or managing partner permission. You do need a firm with award winning lawyers who treat you reasonably and fairly. We treat small businesses the same way we’d want to be treated… after all; we’re a small business too.

Checklist of IP matters that small business owners should consider:

  • How can my intellectual property (IP) add value to my business?
  • What are my company’s IP rights?
  • How can I protect IP rights?
  • What do I need to know before registering a domain name?
  • Do I need to have a contract with web-page developers? And where can I find one?
  • What do I need to know before registering a trademark?
  • When should I consider filing copyright registrations?
  • Do I have the time to gain the necessary expertise needed to complete a successful registration of my business’ trademark or copyright?
  • Is the branding strategy of my company in compliance with advertising and other legal federal/state regulations?
  • Do I own what my employees create?
  • Do I own all rights in works that 3rd parties have created for me?
  • Does my business use any unauthorized material?
  • How can I avoid a litigation nightmare if I infringe a 3rd party’s IP rights?

Gavin Law Offices, PLC will be glad to answer these questions for you. Contact us here!