Data Privacy and Data Breach

Whether you have questions about the constantly evolving and complex web of state and federal privacy laws, or you need guidance to ensure your business puts best practices in place to meet legal requirements for data privacy, Gavin Law Offices, PLC offers services to identify and comply with statutory, regulatory, contractual, and industry-standard privacy obligations.  We offer practical advice and help our clients balance costs vs. benefits.

Our team of professionals can guide your organization’s compliance with such legal and contractual duties, and work with you to put practical safeguards in place:

  • Compliance: Currently, no one comprehensive law exists governing U.S. businesses’ data privacy practices.  Rather, numerous federal laws (such as HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, COPPA, etc.) and state laws (such as the California Consumer Privacy Act “CCPA” and California Privacy Rights Act “CPRA”) may impact your business.  We are seeing more and more U.S. states, including Virginia, consider and enact data privacy legislation.  Often, the entities responsible for enforcing these laws, such as a state Attorney General’s Office, publish regulations that provide additional requirements for covered businesses.  Your organization may also be subject to industry standards. Some of these standards could be binding or damage your organization’s reputation if not properly adhered to. We can help identify which rules your organization is subject to and whether your current processes, policies, and public disclosures comply with applicable legal and industry requirements, as well as recommend improvements to such processes, policies, and disclosures.  Additionally, we can track new legislation relevant to your organization and ensure you stay updated on this ever-changing field and ahead of any impending compliance obligations.
  • Vendor Contracts: Your agreements with vendors can also make your business vulnerable. This is especially true if they do not contemplate the relevant legal standards for privacy. We assist by reviewing existing contracts and negotiating terms to ensure that necessary and favorable provisions governing privacy are included.
  • Internal Practices: Many data privacy laws require that covered businesses implement reasonable safeguards to protect personal information. We can help you meet compliance obligations under such laws and train employees on the importance of adhering to the privacy policies and procedures you put in place.


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