Our Clients

We represent a very broad variety of clients, such as:

Advertisers and Publishers
Businesses, Corporations and Certification Organizations
Musicians, Authors, and investors



Gavin Law applies a custom approach to ensure that our client’s needs, whether large or small, are met so that your company grows in the right direction.  We would be happy to speak to you about our intellectual property and business law services today.  We are especially proud of our experience with the unique and specialized needs of manufacturers and suppliers.  Here are some examples of clients we help:

We represent a cutting edge manufacturer and distributor of candy and other confections with highly specialized regulatory and branding needs in an evolving legal landscape.  The client currently focuses on East Coast operations, but stands poised to expand nationally.  We protect the client’s interests through its distribution agreements, including advice regarding best practices for these relationships, drafting relevant legal documents, preclearing and protecting trademarks, and other general corporate and intellectual property needs.

We assist a well-known international innovator in the packaged food and emergency food industry.  Gavin Law oversees the strategy needed to streamline and strengthen our client’s trademark portfolio in the United States and globally.  We assist with preclearance, prosecution and enforcement of clients various brand lines.  We further utilize watching services to protect our client’s portfolio from third party infringement.  Additionally we provide legal expertise in the areas of licensing, advertising and distribution issues, website review, and other general corporate and intellectual property needs.

Gavin Law represents a leading innovator in the long-term food storage and survival equipment space.  This large client was recently valued at close to $70 million, with global production and sales.  Throughout our representation, Gavin Law has implemented, and continues to expand and maintain, an international trademark protection program designed to preserve our client’s intellectual property rights both in the United States and globally.  Gavin Law further safeguards our client’s intellectual property portfolio through a system of watching services that quickly bring third party infringers to our attention for remediation.  In addition, Gavin Law has secured major deals between our client and vendors with carefully drafted agreements calculated to fully protect our client while fleshing out the relationship between the parties.

Gavin Law represents a major customized food distributorIn the course of our representation Gavin Law has resolved major trademark litigation matters involving a highly litigious and aggressive nationally known adversary, has handled various administrative actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board as well as the U .S. Trademark Office, and has precleared and protected our client’s service marks and trademarks in the United States.  Our client has also benefitted from our legal expertise in the areas of franchising and licensing issues, advertising and distribution issues, and its major rebranding effort.


Gavin Law is dedicated to professionalism.  They set high standards and will not let you down.  They take the challenges of a chaotic legal situation and bring you to a place you did not think was achievable.  They stay true to ethics, and above all their customer service is unbeatable.  In a society where life is running at top speed, they run harder, to ensure you have the finest, well thought out plan.  Gavin Law is the firm that will change your scenario, they are the firm that will use their intelligence to bring your case the closure it deserves.  Be prepared to be impressed.

Blake and Stephanie Roeder

I can heartily recommend Pam Gavin and her team for their expertise in intellectual property law for people in the arts. She jumped right in to the issue I was having and was quick and effective. Many thanks!

Stephen Nachmanovitch, Ph.D.

Gavin Law offices has tremendous expertise and delivers that to their clients with straight talk about what is in the clients’ best interests. Perhaps as important as all the rest, the staff is extremely pleasant and personable.

Travis Sabalewski, Attorney, Reed Smith LLP

Pam Gavin has a keen eye for both business issues and intellectual property concerns during a legal review. I sought Pam and her team’s expertise out for many transactions and their insight was invaluable! She can play hard ball with the best of them, but does so with grace and charm. I highly recommend Gavin Law Offices for legal services.

Amanda Kutz, Attorney, Williams Mullen

Nothing can compare to knowing that you’re working with a group of extremely knowledgeable professionals, sincerely concerned for every aspect of your success. Gavin Law Offices shows their clients respect during each step of the process and works to ensure that there is clarity, security and an ultimate feeling of confidence.

Kat Campbell, Shotfish Productions

There is no other law firm that I would trust with my project than the Gavin Law Offices and their highly talented staff.   The client relationship throughout the entire process exceeded my wildest expectation and my endorsement goes beyond five stars.

Dr. Wally Saunders, Global Academic Consultant

My business had been through the trademark process before.  We jumped in not knowing much about how this all works; costs to expect or challenges to plan for.  The first time around wasn’t bad.  But I sure didn’t end that process feeling like part of what I paid for was education, assurance and future support. When Inspiring HR matured to the point that we needed logo image and company name text trademarked Gavin Law came highly recommended.  I am so pleased we chose to work with them!  This second time around I ended the application process feeling so much more prepared, comfortable and informed.  Gavin Law staff are all easy to work with, thorough, responsive and fun!  Yes, fun!  I would trust them with all Inspiring HR’s future Intellectual Property legal work.  They invested the time, attention and energy for me to walk away feeling like we aligned with a partner who cares.

Mindy Flanigan, PHR & SHRM-CP

Pam Gavin and the entire team at Gavin Law Offices have been an amazing asset to my portfolio of companies. With their support, I have been able to protect and grow my commercial real estate company, Statewide Commercial, to three offices across the state of Virginia in less than six months. The other ventures, two software development companies, iConnect2Colleges.com and Groom-plic-I-ty.com, as well as my novel/movie venture, JONES’ CREEK, they’ve been involved to see them to fruition. I can say I’ve worked with numerous law firms over the previous two decades and none have I felt more confident in and more at home with than with Gavin Law.  They’re family.

Jamie W. Clark, Statewide Commercial

My experience with Gavin Law Offices has been outstanding. They have showed that they care about my work and have fought extremely hard to protect it. Where other Law Offices have said we can’t do anything to protect your work, Gavin found a way!

Meade Fitzgerald, Trails & Shores

Congrats to Pam and Elva! Pam has a top notch firm and she is one of the brightest people I know. Looks like a great partnership…and Pam is always planning. Everything she does is with intense planning and fortitude. Congrats!!!

Beth Bettley