Food Manufacturers and Suppliers

We are proud of our experience with the unique and specialized needs of food manufacturers and suppliers.  Here are some examples of clients we help:

We work with a cutting-edge manufacturer and distributor of candy and other confections that has highly specialized regulatory and branding needs in an evolving legal landscape.  

The client focuses on East Coast operations but stands poised to expand nationally.  We protect the client’s interests through its distribution agreements. This includes advice regarding best practices for its vendor relationships, drafting relevant legal documents, preclearing and protecting trademarks, and other general corporate and intellectual property needs.

We represent a well-known international innovator in the packaged food and emergency food industry.  

Gavin Law oversees the strategy needed to streamline and strengthen our client’s trademark portfolio in the United States and globally.  We assist with preclearance, prosecution, and enforcement of our client’s various brand lines.  We further utilize watching services to protect our client’s portfolio from third party infringement.  Additionally, we provide legal expertise in the areas of licensing, advertising and distribution issues, website review and compliance, and other general corporate and intellectual property needs.

Gavin Law has helped a leading innovator in the long-term food storage and survival equipment space. 

This large client was recently valued at close to $70 million, with global production and sales.  Throughout our representation, Gavin Law has implemented, expanded, and maintained an international trademark protection program. This program is designed to preserve our client’s intellectual property rights both in the United States and globally.  Gavin Law further safeguards our client’s intellectual property portfolio through a system of watching services that quickly bring third party infringers to our attention for remediation.  In addition, Gavin Law has secured major deals between our client and vendors with carefully drafted agreements calculated to fully protect our client while fleshing out the relationship between the parties.

Gavin Law assists a major customized food distributor.

In the course of our representation, Gavin Law has resolved major trademark litigation matters involving a highly litigious and aggressive nationally known adversary, has handled various administrative actions before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board as well as the U.S. Trademark Office, and has precleared and protected our client’s service marks and trademarks in the United States.  Our client has also benefitted from our legal expertise in the areas of franchising and licensing issues, advertising and distribution issues, and its major rebranding effort.

We assist food manufacturers and suppliers with a wide variety of services, including:

  • Brand Selection and Optimization
  • Rebranding
  • U.S. and International Trademark Strategy and Protection
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Infringing and Counterfeit Products
  • Disputes and Litigation
  • Recipe and Trade Secret Protection
  • Interpreting Cottage Food Laws
  • Advertising Compliance (Federal & State)
  • FDA Labeling Requirements
  • E-Commerce
  • Entity Formation and Structure
  • General Business Contracts
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Agreements
  • Privacy Compliance
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Social Media Policies
  • DMCA Protection

For help with these matters and more, give us a call at 804-784-4427.

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