Musicians, Authors, and Inventors

The trademark, copyright, and music lawyers at Gavin Law Offices, PLC have been privileged to represent some of the most talented and famous musicians and authors in the world. We specialize in the business of entertainment, and don’t just give lip service to it.

For instance, our lawyers have handled the following types of matters:

  • Protected the trademark, copyright and domain name interests of multiple internationally famous bands/musicians, both in the United States and internationally
  • Negotiated a licensing deal with the Elvis Presley Estate
  • Developed contracts with agents, publishers and producers
  • Negotiated Life Rights deals and Movie Option deals for books
  • Protected the advice columns and other materials written by a legendary newspaper personality
  • Arranged a trademark settlement agreement adverse to Naomi Judd
  • Shopped talent to record labels
  • Handled a multi-million dollar licensing deal involving our client and the Walt Disney Company
  • Secured for our client’s music a place in a Warner Brothers major movie
  • Handled endorsement agreements
  • Protected and enforced rights of privacy and publicity
  • Handled disputes between former band members
  • Drafted song split agreements
  • Handled copyright infringement disputes under both the 1976 Copyright Act (as currently amended) and the 1909 Copyright Act
  • Reviewed press kits and made artist submissions
  • Assisted with rights clearance issues
  • Handled theft of entertainer’s name in cyberspace
  • Police the Internet for rights abuse
  • Registered and enforced copyrights