IP Strategies for Your Online Business

Transitioning into an online business may feel daunting. From operations to technology, there are so many potentially new processes. Business owners currently operating online can also benefit from a review of their operations and how they can best protect their ...
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Protect Your Brew: National Beer Day and IP

It’s no secret that Virginia loves a good brew. Virginia boasts an impressive selection of craft breweries and cideries, with more than 30 breweries in Richmond alone! But, did you know that several other states have an even higher proportion ...
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Are Your Domain Names Protected?

As use of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) grows, so does the risk of trademark infringement. When the original gTLDs were released, one strategy for fighting infringement was the use of domain blocking services. Sunrise B (SRB) refers to ...
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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the Trademark Way

Although St. Patrick himself is steeped in hundreds of years of legend, there are a few remaining things that we know today. Many scholars credit him with bringing Christianity to the Irish people. We celebrate him on the 17th of ...
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Virginia Becomes 2nd State to Pass Comprehensive Data Privacy Law

On March 2nd, Governor Ralph Northam signed into law the Consumer Data Protection Act (“CDPA”), making Virginia the second state to enact comprehensive data privacy legislation.  The new law, which will go into effect on January 1, 2023, combines concepts ...
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2021 JOLT Symposium: Emerging Technology in Law

Rina Van Orden recently attended the University of Richmond’s Journal of Law & Technology Spring Symposium. The event focused on “Emerging Technology in Law” and included topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and bridging the access gap. One panel covered ...
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How We Read Across America

Today, March 2nd, marks National Read Across America Day. This day celebrates and stands as a reminder of how important it is for children and teens to read. In honor of this celebration of reading, our team brainstormed some of ...
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Trademark Modernization Act: What You Need to Know

Congress passed the Trademark Modernization Act of 2020 on December 27th. It will become effective one year after its passage and aims to support businesses’ marketing and branding decisions in relation to their trademark registrations. As it introduces significant revisions ...
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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts!

Candy, flowers, and even heart-shaped pizzas may come to mind when preparing for the 14th of February.  But where do these traditions come from? How are Americans celebrating this year? Here’s some fun facts about Valentine’s Day:   Not surprisingly, the Legend of St. Valentine bears ...
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Clarifying Non-Compete Law in Virginia

In 2020, Virginia passed legislation creating prohibitory rules regarding noncompete agreements. This statute follows several other states which have created similar laws. In Virginia, employers cannot enforce noncompete agreements against low-wage employees. To fully understand and know what next steps ...
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What You Need to Know About the CASE Act

The CASE Act of 2020 establishes a new Copyright Claims Board (“CCB”) to hear infringement, noninfringement and misrepresentation claims which meet certain criteria.  Generally, the Act provides a less expensive method for harmed parties to assert copyright claims short of ...
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Will Trademark Holders Lose Rights in the UK?

While the United Kingdom formally withdrew from the European Union early last year, the Brexit transition period officially ended on December 31, 2020.  During the transition period, European Trade Mark Registrations (EUTMs) still extended to the UK and provided EUTM ...
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