Are Your Domain Names Protected?

As use of generic top level domain names (gTLDs) grows, so does the risk of trademark infringement. When the original gTLDs were released, one strategy for fighting infringement was the use of domain blocking services. Sunrise B (SRB) refers to the domain name blocking service associated with the .xxx domain name.  SRB service blocks the registration of domain names in the .xxx gTLD that match the participants’ trademark and certain limited variations of those marks.

SRB participants enjoyed a 10-year block on .xxx domain names that matched their trademark. However, this protective service expires in December of 2021 and will be replaced by AdultBlock and AdultBlock+ services, collectively referred to as the “AdultBlock Services.” These services block domain name registration for protected trademarks in the .xxx, .adult, .porn, and .sex gTLDs. SRB registrants have the opportunity to rollover to the new AdultBlock Services with no additional verification.

As the deadline approaches, rights holders will have to decide what strategy is right for their goals. Like SRB, registering for AdultBlock Services provides considerable benefits for maintaining the strength of your trademarks. In doing so, registrants take control of their brand’s reputation and protect against potential damage.

There are some prerequisites to registration with AdultBlock services. Specifically, the participant must have registered their trademark with the Trademark Clearinghouse or be a SRB participant. With so many factors to consider, it’s important for potential participants to create a plan that is right for them. To learn more about how to decide if this is the right choice for your situation, contact Gavin Law Offices, PLC.


(This is not intended as legal advice. Contact a lawyer for assistance in your particular situation.)


–  Elizabeth Sewell and Lily Taggart