Entertainment Law FAQs

Are you an artist, musician, author, or party who publishes music or other content? You may need to brush up on some legal basics in the entertainment world. For #FAQFriday, we’ve compiled 3 common Q&A’s about entertainment law:

1. What is entertainment law?

Entertainment law encompasses a field of legal services for those in the entertainment industry.  These services may include intellectual property law (copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, etc.), privacy law and rights of publicity, and general business law such as contracts.

2. What type of services do I need?

Each individual that works in the field of entertainment has unique legal needs and assets to protect.  An experienced entertainment attorney can tailor services directly to such needs and assets, including ensuring necessary copyright protections are in place, agreements are negotiated with your best interests in mind, takedown notices are filed if necessary, and more.

3. If I am not a singer, actor, or any type of “entertainer” or media creator, does any of this apply to me?

It might! Many businesses use media, such as music, videos, or artwork, or may hire entertainers at some point for their own marketing projects. An experienced entertainment attorney can help set entertainers and those that work with them up for success.


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(This is not intended as legal advice. Contact a lawyer for assistance in your particular situation.)